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The African Adventure

Believe it or not, for some people, Zanzibar can be nothing more than a scar in their memories. Surrounded by well fed German women who have fallen madly in love with the local gangsters, ending their travels to open joint bank accounts in order to support their lovers ‘innovative’ plans, the island can be expensive and overdeveloped. With this advice on board, we canvassed opinion and plumped for Kendwa Rocks on the very north west tip. Our team had now grown yet further. Already accompanied by Imo and Annie from Delorane, we were joined by Charles Lapage, who we had first met at Lewa a few weeks before with his sister Tana.

The first thing that surprised me about the island was its sheer size. Yes there are pockets of heavy development, mostly thanks to over zealous Italian developers who got their fingers burned and ran out of cash. However…

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The African Adventure

We emerged as dusty warriors from Abu Klea and, having been sweltering through the 45 degree heat for some days, would not have been everyone’s most welcome houseguests. This fact makes the generosity of our host in Khartoum even more extraordinary. Mark Boyd who shares an alma mater with Quintus but other than that did not know us from Adam put us up for a couple of days in his bachelor pad. Mounds of dirty washing, an unwelcome thirst for alcohol (banned in Sudan and subsequently smuggled in and extremely rare) and some questionable facial hair (HQM) did not put off our genial and extremely knowledgeable host.

We visited the Omdurman souk, a huge rambling market of alleyways and bustling streets where one could buy anything and everything. We found ivory (Mark was writing an article on its illegal sale in Sudan), Jew claws of cheetahs, dogs, crocodile and snake…

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